We move in silence skittering through shadow like formless beings. Our goal is destruction though you will never see or hear us move. We are disguised to maneuver through your crowds without you ever noticing that we are there lurking and looking for each chink in your armor. Once near our destination we fade into the darkness and begin to work. Fires will be set. Food will be poisoned. Your leaders will be left dead in their beds only being found when you come to wake them. They say that we do not exist and to you we will not until the damage is done. We are ninja, we are shinobi, and we are the stealth killers that will turn the tide of this war.

Got a great email today from Columbia SC native Will Flourance who operates under the guise of Toucans. His various singles are these stunning sample based reworkings of recognizable gems from the 60’s and 70’s that ride on 808s to create slick updated soundscapes with only hints of the original tracks remaining. There is a nice selection of songs available on his Bandcamp which features a great dreamy rework of Crimson and Clover called Palm Forest and a nice selection of other tracks including this latest gem I am featuring today titled STEALTH that transforms The Four Tops single Reach Out (I’ll Be There) into a floating beat filled ride to the future. Also through his Soundcloud you can hear recent remix he did for the How To Dress Well single Decisions that shows that he can apply his various sound techniques to modern tracks just as well. Have a listen to STEALTH here and do some link digging for the rest as you won’t be the least bit disappointed with what you will find.

Toucans – STEALTH

Other Toucans info found here