All that I can think about is returning to the one place that truly makes me happy. Twelve hundred miles away my heart is beating for her. All of my hard work and the sweat that breaks in the Texas heat is leading me to that place. My mind races in some attempt to speed up the process so that I can begin to spend each moment with her. I daydream about it. I think about it while I toil away each evening. I see her face smiling at me as I lay sleeping through the afternoon. Each and every moment all I can think about is the day that I will go back never to leave again.

Yesterday the Dracula Horse Soundcloud was blessed with a new four track EP from Brandon Biondo and it is quite the shift from his previous synth rocking works. The latest EP is titled Longing Part I and is a tender and gentle mixture of his voice backed by subtle piano, light steady beats, plucked guitars and emotive synth melodies to create a heart wrenching cocktail for late night listening in those moments you are forced to spend alone. I was immediately drawn to the simple yet very effective sound of Go Back which puts the focus on his voice backed by slow extending chords though any of the four should pull you in as soon as you hear them. Have a listen to Go Back here and head over to the Soundcloud to sample the EP as well as music from all of the other great Dracula Horse artists.

Brandon Biondo – Go Back

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