When Odysseus returned he warned us all not to take that route. We all thought that he was only spouting insanity and so we began preparing for our journey. Now I know that I should have heeded that man’s warning. I am the only one of us to survive both the voyage and the daughter of Atlas. Years have passed now and I live on feasting on wine and bread while watching that taunting sun rise and set. I miss my family and home and wonder if this nymph will ever allow me to return. I can only wonder what would have happened if I believed Odysseus’ warning about Calypso.

Good Pop Bad Pop just recently turned one year old and it is very fitting that I have a chance to post a new track from Blackbird Blackbird. The Niva remix of his song Hawaii was the very first post here and I have followed his work ever since whether sent to me or tracked down on my own and have seen him come a long way to create a large library of new music. His latest single is yet another new turn with a darker atmosphere filled with vocal howls and headphone pleasing twists and surprises. You can here the single here through his Soundcloud and help him out and pay what you will through his Bandcamp. It has been a great year of blogging and it would have never happened without Mikey and all of the support of artists and readers alike and I look forward to many more.

Blackbird Blackbird – Calypso

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