I want to sell everything. I want to take all of these things that I never use that constantly clutter my small apartment and put them up for auction. Highest bid wins my collection of trash or treasure depending on whether or not you may find some sort of use for it. I want to live a minimal life on only what I need to get by. I want to line my pockets with the money you give me and use it to fly away. I want a life that is focused and direct. I want to have no things left but her love.

Coming from the always on point folks at Heart Music Group comes R E A L M A G I C who is twenty-six year old Denver native Drew Englander and he is primed and ready to show you what his voice and electronic sounds can do. Hey backs his strong vocal style with heavy drum machine percussion and roaring synth lines that are toned down in between the passages in which his voice takes center stage as both lead vocal and an instrument itself creating a harmonious choir that is fresh and vibrant. You can have a listen to No Things Left here and then head over to the Heart Music Group Bandcamp for a second track titled Crip Tics for a proper introduction.

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