She is tackling the steps one by one as she makes her way up the sixty-four flights of stairs that will lead her to her destiny. Her breathing has become fire through her lungs as she nears the top. The exit sign’s red lights show in the distance and there is only a small padlock and chain separating her from her goal. She removes her jacket and wraps it around her fist before breaking the glass to the fire extinguisher and uses it to remove the lock. After pressing the heavy metal door open she slowly walks her way to the edge of the building. She gazes out over the city below and starts to cry at the beauty. As her first tear falls to the cement she takes her leap and the wind caresses her hair.

Talk about fresh this track just appeared on Sun Glitters twitter feed and I rushed over to their Bandcamp for a listen. What I found there was a deep droning masterpiece featuring reworked vocal samples from Deborah Lehnen. A steady thump drives beneath the menacing synth line and an almost scratching percussion backing allowing the haunting vocal background to soar in between the title vocal line. While that is the only lyric to the song it is more than enough to have you instantly mesmerized and ready to loop this four minutes over and over. Have a listen and then head over to their Bandcamp for a free friday download.

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