We were only children on the night that the moon hovered low in the sky. It’s deep red light penetrated the trees allowing us to see our way through foliage and thick brush that surrounded the abandoned graveyard near our great grandfather’s farm. It was only supposed to be a summer vacation filled with swimming, horseback riding, and fireflies. Instead what we heard were her low drones and wailing cries as we approached the edge of the small clearing. Not a soul in the area knew just how long undated headstones had grown from the grass there. Not a soul other than the ones that spoke to her to that night as she sang to their bones and charmed them with her necromancy.

Edmonton’s Jessica Jalbert has created a lushly layered masterpiece with her latest single Necromancy. Her haunting voice and classically tinted dark folk sounds are primed for fellow resident and one of my favorite artists to emerge this year Calvin McElroy to add his remix spin to under his Kuhrye-oo moniker. He takes her voice and surrounds it in deep stuttering bass drums and bone rattling percussion creating a séance of sound. Echoes of the original linger calling out to the dead dance floor as stronger kick drums shuffle and snare beats snap into place. Synths slowly crawl their way out in the later shifts only adding to the skeleton dance before falling apart to return from where it begins. This is not a hot summer’s night single to be missed and you can have a sample of it here before her album Brother Loyola releases in September. Play it loud and play it in the dark. Your soul deserves it.

Jessica Jalbert – Necromancy (Kuhrye-oo Remix)

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