They move quickly in the burning sun working in fields and shops. Their work ethic is one of the best in the world and they have no time to rest. Struggling for a better life in a country plagued with cartel fear and corrupt government officials they force themselves to make a better life. Even though they may never have a fancy car or a mansion on the hill their sweat and blood goes into the land they call their own. When they rest they dream of one day taking that money that they have worked so hard for and retiring to sit on shady verandas watching their children grow. Their hearts lay in the stars and their hands in Mexico.

Got an email from Richmond’s White Laces letting me know that they are promoting an upcoming tour today and to go along with it they are giving away one of the singles from a planned 7″. The track will be up for free for the rest of the month and is called Hands In Mexico. Jangling guitars and bouncing upbeat drum rhythms dominate the song for a solid and fun single that should keep your head bobbing this summer. At about two minutes in they give you a subtle shift into psychedelic territory breaking things down before going out on a boisterous note. Grab the single for the rest of the month through their Bandcamp and be sure to catch them out on tour if you are lucky enough to be in one of the cities they plan to visit.

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