It was our greatest mistake. We had no idea what we had found when we managed to find the first corpse. It lay dead inside of its destroyed ship and its pale flesh glowed in a light blue shade of slime. Fast forward fifty years and we now have factory after factory selling that discovery. The liquid that contained the ooze was wonderful and spoiling. It was used to clean our homes, as a cure-all drug, and could be turned into a powerful hallucinogen making its profits endless. We craved this substance to the point that across the land we built larger robotic facilities to both mass produce the ooze and its products. Where each small town once stood we built a skin city.

Honeydrum is set to release their sixth EP for AMDISCS titled Pleasures Of The Sun on cassette on July 15th and it is a doozy. I was allowed a preview of the songs  on the album and they continue their tradition of hidden pop gems. If you have heard their previous work you know their songs are well written infectious lo-fi pop and the song featured today is proof of that. Skin City is a smooth riding classic sounding single that if anything is far too short. In under two minutes they will have you addicted and hitting play over and over again. Have a look at the videos for both Skin City and Cruise control here via Vimeo and don’t forget about that cassette release on the 15th.

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