She will deny it to the bitter end. Even though she has taken the time to fix her hair and apply her make up ever so perfectly she will never tell you the trouble that she went to. Her scent is always selected to match her mood and no matter what she chooses it is alluring and a constant reminder that she lingered against me. Her nails are always painted normally some shade of red to attract my eyes to whatever she may touch. Her gorgeous brown eyes stare into mine as I lean in to kiss her magnetic lips over and over again while sliding my arms around her sexy curves. She will always deny it even though she’s a babe.

Way back in February I was led to the two track EP by Portland’s Hausu that contained both today’s featured song as well as another called Weaving Spiders. Since then they have added a track titled Makiadi and found themselves pressed on a 7″ that will be coming out on July 25th on LebensStrasse Records. Hopefully you remember their great updated version of a classic alternative sound with their slight guitar jangle and that immediate addictive vocal style. I know I for one still come back to this single and it never fails to please the second it hits my ears. If you are lucky enough to be in any of these locations between now and July 24th you might also be able to catch them live as they are on a summer tour of the West Coast. Head over here for the pre-order of the 7″ and have another listen to She’s A Babe here via the groups Bandcamp.

Other Hausu info found here