I don’t ask for too much out of this life. I don’t need a huge fortune mounting in banks and foreign accounts accumulating and growing into piles of currency that will blow away or burn the moment I am set into the ground. I don’t need a home that I will need a golf cart in order to travel from bedroom to the dining room so that my rickety old legs won’t be sore by the time I sit down to my morning meal. I have no craving for long wooden tables that were stolen from an old king’s fading castle to be surrounded by hanged men that tighten their ties the moment they begin to fear the next words that will creep from behind my menacing smile. I just want a little time to relax and a few things to make me feel good.

The latest release from San Jose’s Justin Morales has been sitting far too long in a folder just waiting to be heard. This morning it became the perfect way to start my day with its solid head nodding beats and laid back dream pop groove. Guitar, vocals, drum loops and samples weave and twist throughout the full release combining themselves into a pop playground that allows you to dive right in and float away. Have a listen to the title track here and then get over to his Bandcamp for a sample of more of the ten track full length release. Each track takes its elements in all of the right directions for a relaxing summer afternoon.

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