We are out and on the prowl for whatever good times may come our way. Pleasures of the flesh and chemical ingestion are bound to come in waves filling our night with a blur of images that we will soon forget. Lights will flash and we will watch the bodies dance cheek to cheek as hips grind. Drinks will be delivered and shot down with pills and we will dance like no one is watching. Our hands in the air we take in the party around us as the rhythms of the songs playing control us like puppeteers manipulating our strings to wave our limbs only to later force us to collapse in a pile in our living room. I’ll wake in the morning with a throbbing head and mixed up memories from the night before spent out with my bros.

It seems like the first time that I remember hearing this single last year the duo of Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade were called HOAX however on the proper release of the single Avec Mes Mecs they are calling themselves Humans. The single itself is a sexy slinky dancefloor storm inspired by days of partying following New Years Eve. Its writhing rhythms and suggestive lyrics fit together perfectly leading up to the catchy chorus and party inspiring refrain of “Who knew that all we had to do was party.” Hopefully the duo is working on their EP or full length to unleash more of this sort of upbeat synth pop perfect to soundtrack our summer parties. Have a listen to the single here and a look at the fresh new video for the track here.

Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

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