We were lost. Every new turn only brought about more of the thick green haze. It lingered throughout the entire city now and possibly beyond. The papers were saying that this was our own government that did this to us. They said that our city had to go. Those criminals on their high horses were afraid once we gave up staring at the television and started to meet up in their town halls and schools. Each day our numbers started to rise and once we slowly became the majority they started the gas. It crept in rolling through the air vents and started to linger in our homes and offices. None of us has a chance to escape though we are trying. That fog covers everything and turns your sight into a mess of swirling color leaving everything distorted.

Oakland MC Shady Blaze and Halifax producer Ryan Hemsworth have come together on a full length collaborative effort called Distorted. The album pairs Shady’s sure-fire rhymes over electronic themed rhythms to great effect. Tracks like the album’s opener On Our Way showcase both sides of this coin well with smooth lyrical prowess riding over Ryan’s droning melody and broken beats. Each track that follows is a new spin on the mixture of the pairs two styles that mixes together seamlessly and even though they have never met the album flows as smoothly as if it were recorded with them side by side in the studio. Have a listen to one of my favorites Let’s Ride from the release then head over to their Bandcamp for a listen or download of the full eleven track album.

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