In these romantic states I am unable to control my emotions. My body craves being next to yours even though it is old and broken. It still pulls its way toward your warm flesh clamoring for just a touch of your soft skin. Your eyes shine and reflect the image of my face back to me as I move in to kiss you once more. After being apart for so long I can’t help but have you as near to me as we can manage. My arms move around your waist and I whisper that I will never let you go again into your ear. My emotions still swelling in these romantic states.

Baltimore dream pop solo artist Romantic States has just released a new EP through Beko Dsl called Still Petals. The album is made up of romantic haze filled strumming pop overlapped with tender touching vocals. Each of the six tracks on the EP have this same strong emotional tone to them while delivering a varied easy listening lo-fi ride from album opener The Fourth (follow the link for a video) to the stunning closer Mirror Mirage. The album is available now through Beko here and through the band’s Bandcamp here.  Have a listen to the second song from the EP Sea Skulls here and then head to either previously mentioned location to have a listen to the full EP release.

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