I want to walk right up to you on a salty aired beach at night. I want to wrap my two arms tightly around you and begin to sway and move with the flickering of the flames. I want to see your face glowing in the light that dances from cheek to cheek. It keeps the cool air at bay for the rest of them and us well, we never even needed to be near it with the warmth that our two hearts share when they are pressed together. Holding you close I continue to press myself to your chest and I move my mouth to yours for one of those kisses that I have craved for so long. I want to reunite with you there near the bonfire.

I first heard Southern Shores when CASCINE sent me a notice about their EP Atlantic which was a smooth meld of old and new sounds creating a laid back get down that should be universal for any music fan from the past twenty years. Their latest release comes in the form of a non EP track called Bonfire and don’t let the fact that it didn’t wind up on the EP deter you from having a listen as this could easily be A-side material. With a tropical sample laden intro leading the way the song quickly shifts into low drone bass tones and synth swathes before relaxed vocal overlays carry you away. Check out the video for the latest single through Vimeo here and have a listen to the single here through their Soundcloud. I for one can’t wait to hear more as they make the perfect soundtrack for summer.

Souther Shores – Bonfire

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