For many  years I have been left wondering if this is life. This repetitive cycle that involves me spending the majority of my moments wrapped up in something that I can hardly stand to do. Each day passes one after the other in an almost constant repetition of a few simple events and only a few moments were left for me to just simply have some time to myself  or daydream. I have worked there for four years now and when I look around my small rundown apartment I have to wonder why I even had the guts to bother. Then she came along and made all of this back-breaking work worth it and giving me something to invest in. Where survival once was my only reason to even wake up before she became all there is.

Riding on a strong bass groove and a perfectly warped and chopped vocal provided by Steffaloo All There Is is the perfect summer relaxation single. The vocal stabs work their magic over that bass line and a sea of twinkling bells to great effect allowing the track to keep you relaxed but giving you plenty to listen to in the meantime. The single comes from twenty year old Jeremy Malvin’s latest EP as Chrome Sparks called My ❤ which is seven of the stronger debut singles I have heard all year. Drum machines work playfully creating a base for well crafted melodies and chopped vocal snippets to weave in and out of creating a mixture of laid back grooves and head nodding beat works. You can grab the full EP for whatever price you see fit through his Bandcamp and here is a taste of the single to get you interested.

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