The buzzing noise was invading my ears from a small distance away. As I made my way slowly through the brush clearing my path I could hear it growing. It was a small and violent roar around a dugout hole etched into the bark of an old dead tree. I kept my distance and watched them working like a group of broken backed prisoners set to harvest a punishment plantation. They moved quickly gathering resources and returning them to their queen and the larva that would soon join them in their daily labor once they finally grew large enough to become a part of the swarm.

I received a very short and to the point email submission this morning coming from BITE MARKS who sadly I have almost no info on other than the fact that this is the artists first track. What I do no is the single called Swarm is a steady bouncing number with a slow strummed guitar breakdown and the haunting chorus of “It’s all gone” that will have you hooked in right away. The bounce and drum machine beats return in the second verse to be accompanied by other percussive instruments as it drives its way to the songs end. Quite a solid debut single for a fresh artist and you should definitely have a listen and keep an ear on the Soundcloud for what I hope will be more in the near future.


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