The air was calm and still as I stood on the deck of her small sailing vessel. I looked out into the small crowd of faces that had gathered to watch me go. They smiled or cried and began to wave excitedly as we began to creep away from land. My mother wept and held my younger brother. I turned my head slowly to her and saw the smile begin to form in the corners of her mouth. I smiled back and moved behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. I nuzzled my mouth into her neck and whispered “I love you” while peering over her shoulder wondering what would be out there behind the seas.

At only eighteen years old Estonian singer-songwriter Possimiste is showing emotional depth and range well beyond her years. On her latest single Behind The Seas light tempered percussion and twinkling bells ring out underneath a subtle tender voice that renders you powerless by the time the beat even really kicks in. With rises and falls that continue throughout the songs five minutes you are taken up into the air and swirled around in sound before finally being laid gently back to earth already wanting to hit repeat. Check out the single here and have a look at the video for the single through her website here.

Possimiste – Behind The Seas

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