We all knew that Ronald wasn’t in any sort of way what any of us would have called a normal child. He wasn’t the strange little boy that sat at his desk spooning paste into his mouth or the one that from the looks of him never was forced to bathe. This was not an expected sort of strange from a boy of his young age. When the children would hear the bell that signals their break period they would all head to the yard and begin to huddle up. The game would begin and Ron would head into the bathroom to prepare. He was always the last to play due to having to take the time to remove the glass eye that would be with him for the rest of his life. Those double doors would open and each of the other children would be waiting to see him win what he called creepy marbles.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the folks over at Sick Of The Radio and their new imprint Easy Tapes for a while now and it’s time to talk to about one of their artists Creepy Marbles. They currently have a three song sampler of their album titled Tha Chuggy Throb available through Bandcamp that is a fresh and twisted take on Pop. The feature single Sunblecch’d is a maniacal combination of tropical sounds, Hip Hop thuds and hand claps, and catchy melodies that don’t seem forced but just appear. As laser beam noises slide their way out of the background the lyrics start to penetrate your ears and it’s impossible not to see behind the curtain. Pop is turned into a warped lucid dream much like the video for the single itself which you can view here. They also have a brand new video that you should take a look at giving you some insight to the way these transforming Pop sounds are created here. Have a listen to the single Sunblecch’d and feel free to correct me if anything in the above paragraph seems wrong.

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