I’ve turned another year older and watched another set of seasons pass. The cold gave way to a straining heat here and I am only a few days away from making both the largest and most exciting change in my thirty-three years. I will escape this burning drought and head north moving away from everything that I know. I have no doubts in my mind that I have made the right choice. Even though it may seem like I am always wanting something new or different in my life whether it be something as simple as a new job or something more expansive like a new perspective I know that my heart has made its one and only choice. Both me and my heart will always only want you.

Chill Mega Chill has seemed to make it a mission this summer to give us nothing but the best new artists with every single cassette they release and the two-sided Tommy Touissant single Only Want You/Sloppy Sentimentalists is another in this long steady line. The title track is a floating bouncing dream pop wonder with light keys playfully dancing in the ether behind those heart-felt lyrics. French samples reach their hands out of the electronics in both the intro and near the single’s close adding a touch of romance to this easy to grasp and hard to let go song. This and the b-side can both be streamed through the Chill Mega Chill Bandcamp page and you can also make your purchase for the cassette now on the Chill Mega Chill shop page. Spend the money, insert the cassette, hit play and begin to drift away.

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