All I can think about this week is this week ending. In just a few more days I’ll drag my packed bags into the airport and shuffle up to that ticket counter. I’ll wait for nearly an hour to get my carry on bag slid through the cargo belt. All of the things I have removed from my pockets and my chucks all clumped together in that bucket will take their ride back to me. I’ll listen to music while I wait for that call to board. Forty five minutes later I’ll be in Dallas drinking coffee and finding a phone to call you and give you a heads up. Finally after another three hours I will be back in the clouds anxious to land and just waiting for you to come walking up ready to kiss me.

Soft and subtle synths provide the anticipation during the intro to d’Eon’s latest excursion into modern RnB with his new reworking of Cassie featuring the vocal talents of Marie Jane. On the follow-up to the massive Transparency deep bass grooves and sixteenth note hi-hats rattle playfully giving way to vocal break downs over snaps. Light percussion builds back into a slick rolling track that will have your head nodding while you think about that special someone in your life. Subtle psychedelia slips its way in with a heavily echoing breakdown near the two-minute mark putting a spin on the classic RnB sound. Get a listen here and start waiting with anticipation for the next single as I know I already am.

d’Eon ft. Marie Jane – Kiss Me

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