For a while I had given up on everything including myself. After my father passed away and I was forced out of school and into a crummy deadbeat job I thought that might be the end for me. Each day slid by slowly one after another like a soon to die prisoner’s steps. I had no direction and no ideas of where I might find one. I just idled making my way from paycheck to paycheck wondering if anything would ever come my way. Finally someone came into my life and made every second worth living. I started to build my confidence and see things inside of myself that had previously been crushed into submission. Now all I can think is that my future could be anything I am willing to work hard for and put all of my heart into. All I had to do was open my eyes and start to see that this life wasn’t anywhere near over. Now I can believe in myself once again. Do you believe?

One of my surprise favorite new artists of the year came in the form of Josh Legg’s solo project Goldroom which you may remember from my previous post about his work. Since then he hasn’t been resting one bit and has completed a fresh new remix perfect for the close of the summer. He takes his hand at the disco filled gem Do You Believe by Poolside turning into a futuristic synth filled tropical bounce. It gently glides along over soft tones injecting that infectious lyric throughout then breaks things down around the three-minute mark preparing itself for full speed with snapping hand clap snares and a deep slick bass line. Hear the remix here and keep an eye on Josh something tells me he will be doing big things before we all know it.

Poolside – Do You Believe (Goldroom Remix)

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