The flowers there spread in rows as far as the eye could see. They spread open baring their hearts to their lord and opening their petals like the arms of so many blissful believers that never sensed that the storm was on its way. Their rows and pews were perfectly formed and surrounded with their brilliant shades showing in the afternoon sun. As the evening began to sneak up on them the sky grew dark with both the sinking of the sun and the oncoming clouds. Their vicious roll and thunderous shout came upon them as the rain fell. Those flowers they believed themselves blessed as they soaked up each and every drop that was provided for them. Soon while they peered up into that sky believing that their lord was raining down salvation the hail began. It shredded and tore those loving blooms apart, destroyed the field and left their prayers unanswered but still soon the aisle, it blooms for him.

It has been far too long since we have had something new from Charlottesville native Evenings. Hopefully you became very familiar with his amazing North Dorm EP released last summer and now he has returned with an all new ten track full length album titled Lately. It is a laid back relaxed ride that begins with a syrupy sweet almost jazz composition and ends with a slightly hip hop infused piano riffing gem. All of these elements combine throughout the album making for a full and rich listen from start to finish. Just have a listen to the single I am featuring today Aisle, It Blooms with its ramshackle wonderland feel and tell me you can’t wait to head over to his Bandcamp for a dose of more. If the gap between this and his last release is any indication you should get over there grab it now and be prepared to slide into your headphones for another year.

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