They come out at night with their quick skittering legs tapping away across my floor, my bed and my flesh. My skin tingled with the itch they cause and I am forced to toss the blanket off of me and make my way to the bathroom. I stand over my sink and slowly rub lotion into my skin in some attempt to drive away that crawling feeling they have caused in me. Night after night I am forced to endure the torture of this midnight army and its invasion of my comfort and sanity. I call the service and they come with their masks and their poisons and still no more than a few days later out they come marching again. Their flags raised and their horns sounding as they invade my night once again. It seems my only choice will be to surrender to the never-ending onslaught of the pests.

One of the more impressive debut singles that I have managed to receive this year came in the form of SWARM from BITE MARKS with its hypnotic bounce that was both immediate and addictive. I was only awaiting to push that single from my first page to jump on his two newest releases which are titled PESTS and Wouldn’t You. Three tracks now for this artist total and not a single miss in the bunch. Just have a listen to the slick thumping rhythm in PESTS which I am featuring today and its tortured haunting lyrics. The beat picks up just slightly while droning organ sounds and electronics maneuver playfully in your headphones leading up to a smart simple guitar riff to make the mix complete. Be sure to head over to his Soundcloud for Wouldn’t You as well and if these three are any indicator we should be expecting more quality releases from this fresh new artist very soon.


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