The factory smoked and bellowed behind those old worn iron gates. The parking lot was never filled and it seemed strange that it was even needed for the two large white trucks that parked there. The sides of their trailers displayed no company name or information. Instead was a simple logo of the frame of a man much like that displayed on a male’s only bathroom. Once each evening they would slowly open those iron gates and the trucks would roll out into the streets to an unknown location and unload their wares. Each of them would walk out one by one and meld into the waiting crowds of the city in perfect camouflage. They start to fill out forms in your offices and shake hands with your boss while quickly establishing themselves within your apartments and gyms. Looking at the detail in both their bodies and faces it is impossible to tell that they are simply variously made men ready to rule your world.

Pictures Music just keeps on impressing me with their varied line up and one solid release after another. Their latest offering will come in the form of a 300 copy four track vinyl EP release titled Achtung! from Rudi Zygadlo. This wasn’t an easy release to master and faced three sets before the final copy was ready for release and I’ve got to say after hearing the sample single Variously Made Men which I am featuring here was definitely worth the process. The intro will have you envisioning pirates and other various classical sailor types that float along an ocean of psychedelic pop. It features a catchy pop vocal that rides steadily over a broken wobbling beat that is nothing like anything I have heard thus far this year. A rising marching snare and various other electronic surprises surface through the track adding even more elements to the mix. Just have a listen to the track here and I am sure you will be awaiting the official release of the EP on September 12th.

Rudi Zygadlo – Variously Made Men

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