It has been my never-ending repetitive job since my youth to awaken in the early morning and head out into the yard to my families aviary. For years I head out to the small building and unlock the small latch on the door to be greeted with row after row of covered cages. One by one I will remove each sheet and begin to hear the birds sing their happy song as they know that the removal could only mean one thing. I will dip the large bucket into the trough of feed and carry it along the rows of uncovered cages placing a single scoop into each pairs small feeder. Then I will take the same bucket and refill it with water repeating the process until each pair has been both fed and had their small bottles refilled. I am not sure if I will ever have the same sense of family that each of these small birds have always had. Generations of them have come and gone and created more pairs to be taken care of. Me, I am just forced to wonder if I will ever have the chance to join them as part of the societal finches.

Just received news of the latest EP from one of my favorites this morning and wanted to get on it and share. Thomas Michael’s new Ghibli project and his LP Pythia has been playing for me since it arrived in my box back in June and now he has a new remix EP for the single Societal Finches that brings together T H O M A S, Oh No! Yoko, Headaches, and the featured offering from Film For The Future and their takes on the track. Each puts a new spin on the original with T H O M A S taking his in a synth and sample stab percussive direction and injecting it with a slight bit of RnB. Film For The Future keep it mellow with echoing light snares and smooth added instrumentation that gives it a laid back feel with just enough beat to nod your head with. Headaches delivers a thirteen minute epic version of the track that is bound to cause headphone inducing mania with its huge swells and releases. Oh No! Yoko also keep a very relaxed laid back groove hiding in the background of a choir sample and swirling synths. Head over to the Ghibli Bandcamp now and snag all four for yourself and here is one to whet your appetite with.

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