I have lived many a man’s life worth of years on this slowly dying earth. My first life was as a bread baker in Istanbul where I spent each of my days sacrificing my profits and merely getting by after using what little extra resources I had to feed the poor of the city. Out of my ashes I would be reborn as a playwright spending my days creating draft after draft of politically charged words against my own king until I was forced to flee his lands. Again I returned to walk this world this time as beggar myself using my knowledge of living on the streets to assist young men and women that had no other choice but to lead this same life. Now I walk as a leader of men who are unafraid to make their demands heard shouting from any podium that we can find that a revolution must come to save those less fortunate. After all of these long full lives I have to wonder what will await me next when I make my return to the crematorium.

Dean Bentley has been a frequent contributor who made me a fan right away on the strength of his first single L.A. Lights which I posted about in January and has since released a steady stream of singles and EPs through his own Soundcloud. Now we are on the verge of his debut eight track album which is being released on cassette on the never miss Chill Mega Chill label on August 22nd. L.A. Lights makes an appearance there as well as Tubbs & Crockett, Life Infinite, and two selections from his Live From The Crematorium EP and a hand-picked selection of other singles to round out the bill. What you can expect is large meaty beats, creative sample work, and rumbling bass lines from start to finish. The entire album can be streamed through the Chill Mega Chill Bandcamp as a try before you buy and the pre-order for the cassette release can be found here. Have a little sample of Black Triangle from the album with its electronic horn lines and stuttering percussion here and get on this cassette before it is gone and you regret missing out on it.

Hourglass Sea – Black Triangle

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