I’m home alone with our two cats and I’m forcing them to listen to music while I do our dishes. The meow along with the melody while I pick up each dish and piece of silverware in this small attempt to pass the time until you come home from work. After this I will round-up our laundry into the basket and lug it down the stairs to the laundry room where I will get things started before making my way out into the calm cool day. I’ll slide my sunglasses on and cross the parking lot on my short walk to the store where I will buy everything we need for this evening’s dinner. By the time I get all of that sorted out it will be time to head back down and switch out the laundry. I’ll come back up and make sure the apartment is in good shape and smelling nice for your arrival. The next few hours I will spend doing anything in my power to pass the next few hours until I get to see your face again. Hopefully when you get home and see everything I have done you will realize that I am literally crazy for you.

If my memory serves correctly I was introduced to the jangly love drenched bedroom pop of Washington D.C.’s Long Walks On The Beach through Turntable by Tyler from Flashlight Tag. Ever since he played the older single Metaphysical I have been anxiously awaiting new material that I could post up here. Recently my luck and waiting paid off in the form of the latest single Literally Crazy For You. A steady thumping beat throbs underneath a jangling guitar strum providing the framework for the heart string tugging lyrics of the track. If you haven’t paid a visit to the Bandcamp already I highly suggest you get over there and give a listen to all of the previous songs released as well as each of them are all top-notch and there is even one hell of a Chalices of the Past remix for TRUE LOVE or bust that isn’t to be missed. Here is a sample of the latest and be on the look out for more from this budding artist in the near future.

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