Lone I wandered through each day of my life uncertain of what mystery or magic may lay in my path just waiting to awaken to shake my soul. Each day was a slightly changed version of each previous passing of hours with me left empty and dissatisfied. Finally just as I thought there was no possible way for me to escape the bonds of my everyday life she entered my life. Instantly my heart was filled with a warmth that I had up to this point never known. Her laugh and smile causing instant joy that slid under my skin and filled my blood with renewal. Our hands clasped tightly and our lips met and it was an explosion of love and lust that gives me something to live for and to crave each moment that I am away from her. No longer do I have to take on this tough journey alone and no longer do I have to feel like I am one single molecule just floating in the ether waiting for the world to collapse. I am alone no more and I have her to thank for that.

Coming from a newly announced EP titled Yw is the brand new single from Blackbird Blackbird which features the dreamy floating vocals of his girlfriend Paloma. The pair have a perfect combination over gently strummed guitar and haunting electronics. The track is gentle and tender allowing the listener to simply lay back and drift away with its light relaxing melody. While you may think it lacks in huge sound it makes up for every bit with dream inducing heartbeat bass drum thumps and ghost wails. For now the EP release date is still pending but it could very well be any day now if you are accustomed with the very prolific nature of this artist and it will include a full eight tracks of new material. Here is a small glimpse of things to come which you can get both from the Blackbird Blackbird Soundcloud and Bandcamp and be watching the web for the latest news on that full EP release in the near future. If this is any sign of what is to come let me be the first to say Ty.

Blackbird Blackbird – Lone (With Paloms)

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