I was raised for the most part in a heat filled desert. Each day was filled with a sun that bled its rays into our skin as we played in dry pastures filled with mesquite brush and prickly stickers just waiting to creep their way into our skin. Even the animals that had evolved to live in this climate spent the majority of their days hiding under rocks and in holes they had dug out into the sand. I dreamed of a place where the air was a brisk breeze and I could float along calmly in cool water letting it rush over my skin. I would slowly bob along those waters listening to the calming sounds they made while passing over rocks. I could peer out into vast forests filled with woodland creatures that grazed on plentiful grass and the berries growing wildly. Instead I spent my childhood hunting for any shade that I could find feeling more at home with the snakes and lizards simply dreaming about a relaxing river spot.

I just got some great news from Dylan Khotin Foote in regards to his Kumon Plaza project and some new tracks being in the works. The re-release of his previous album Cliff was actually one of my earliest posts here and lead me to a wealth of artists that up until then I hadn’t heard such as Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Born Gold (GOBBLE GOBBLE), and Jaded Hipster Choir. It should be no surprise that I couldn’t wait to hear more and it turns out he has already turned in one new single that is ready to grace your ears for the Crash Symbols curated mixtape that was recently released through Beko DSL. The track I speak of is titled River Spot and is an absolutely gorgeous piece of 8-Bit auditory pleasure. It leads you softly by the hand with a slow piano phrase intro that opens up like a flower in bloom to a smooth boom tap rhythm and unveiling each of its layers one by one to create a field of sound. I’ll give you a sample here and you can both download it through his own Bandcamp or as part of that monster eighteen track mixtape that contains plenty of other great artists and songs to go along with it. Be on the lookout for more from Kumon Plaza and I’ll keep you updated as soon as I catch wind of any and all releases he has planned in the future.

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