I am sending this out into space with hope that someone, anyone at all will hear it and reply to me. I have been alone floating in this small pod for weeks unsure of my course. My resources are beginning to run dry and I am afraid that soon my nutrient replenishment system will begin to fail from lack of power. It has been over a month since I have had any sort of contact with my home ship. Every star surrounding me causes me some small excitement when it seems as if it may be moving closer and that my rescue may come. If I had known this could have happened I never would have accepted this reconnaissance mission. My partner was killed on the surface by a beast the likes of which I had never seen. Its razor-sharp talons ripped his flesh to shreds and I was forced to make my escape in our lander’s small escape pod. Now all I can do is float here alone and worried that no one will ever hear my final transmission.

I always love to hear about new music from a fresh new artist and this track is just that. Coming from the debut three track EP One Million Sunsets as a preview of what will be coming on Terracotta Blue’s full length debut sometime this Fall/Winter is Transmission. It is a rolling ride of synth swirl and steady beat thump that will send your head into outer space. A deep steady bass line drops in beneath those elements in preparation for electronic slashes of siren sound and vocal drones. Each of the three tracks on the EP have their own distinct flavor but the one thing that remains the same is the beats are deep and mellow. Just have a listen to the featured track here and then head over to the Bandcamp for more and I am sure you will be waiting in line with me to hear what the full length will have in store when it drops near the end of the year.

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