It was always a little dark and somewhat damp down those stairs next to the kitchen. We walked those old creaking wooden stairs what must have been one thousand times or more in my youth. There we would all gather on the two couches that his mother had given him once they became too unattractive to be sat on by proper guests. We would each take turns selecting a slice of vinyl and placing it on that vintage turntable his father had brought back from overseas. Tim would take the towel and stuff it under the door and John would turn the volume up as high as it would go. The sounds would be a sonic blast as they were left bouncing from wall to wall. There was no need for conversations as we each took our turn with those records in our collection or a new one that we had just purchased that day and wanted to show off. There are no places quite like Kevin’s basement though I still long to find another.

I’ve been patiently awaiting the release of the new Pepepiano album for some time after seeing that it had been completed on Twitter a while back and finally that day has come. KING is the title of the album and it is already shooting its way up the list for my personal top albums of the year. His twisted take on pop through the use of electronics has had me hooked ever since I first laid my ears on No Way and this release does not disappoint in any way. He has a knack for taking what is at its base a standard pop tune and turning into a huge rolling masterpiece of beats and electronics that are like nothing I have heard coming from any other artist. Lyrics playfully weave in and out of rolling drum beats and twinkling synth swathes and deep throbbing bass. At times the songs are broken almost completely down to a whisper only to explode out of that auditory cannon that he fires. The limited edition cassette release is available now for purchase through Speaker Snacks and like I just said it is limited so you will want to jump on those orders right away. Here is a small sample of the wide range of sound you can expect to hear in the release with Kevin’s Basement which also has a video that you can view here.

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