The universe can feel its pressure building. Hydrogen levels are rising and the night sky is afraid. I stare up into that vast darkness and wonder what is happening so many distant miles away. Perhaps I should bother to one day invest in some sort of telescopic device and attempt to become more in tune with those happenings that occur whether we are able to see them or not. With so much unknown about the simple things that surround me here on this one planet I have to wonder what may be changing each evening above and outward. Somewhere out there the sky is burning and soon a cataclysmic event will come. Where one star once shown in the evening sky its parts will start a fusion that not even God himself could stop. A nuclear reaction that leaves everything burning in its wake. A white dwarf collapsing into nova.

Skai Nine has returned with a new full length LP titled Somewhere, But Not Here and it is an almost impossible album to categorize. If you are familiar with his work you know he tends to jump around the entire electronic and beat based spectrum. Relaxed cosmic disco one second and siren pumping hip-hop blasts the next keep your ears in check throughout the albums eleven tracks. Just when you are beginning to get used to that smooth piano groove and its shimmering chimes the next track comes along with deep french touch thumps then makes yet another turn to a heavy hitting head nodding instrumental piece. Each of the albums tracks are all worth the listen but don’t expect the one sample song I am featuring here to even begin to introduce you to the many sounds and influences that you will find by the time you reach track eleven. The album is available now digitally through iTunes,, and his own Bandcamp which will allow you plenty of ways to both stream preview and purchase the album. Here is a taste of the full length with the album’s opener Nova and you can hear the rest through any and all of those other outlets.

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