As I age I find that it is tough to feel like I have no need to be in my own driver’s seat. I fret over the many hours that I pour into a job that leaves me feeling unfulfilled and without a just reward for all of the efforts that I put in. I have stress over making sure all of the bills are paid and that my appearance is being constantly judged by those that could profit from my abilities if they just gave me a chance. Each and every word that comes out of my mouth has to be carefully selected in every conversation I have just in case I might slightly offend the average person that I will meet in my day-to-day. My youth is fading away leaving me with a sense of obligation to get what few goals I may left accomplished before everything just slips away into darkness. I have a rare want to just let everything go and live in the moment while throwing caution to the wind. I want to give in to someone like you and start to give my life some direction toward a positive future that we can both share. I want to have fun again in your embrace as we walk the rest of our days loving one another with each of us sharing control.

Two great artists have teamed up and chosen to remix each others singles for a positive cause recently both in creating new sounds and supporting the work of Planned Parenthood. Alligator Indian and TOP GIRLS have come together to release a split single title control that you can now purchase through Bandcamp for one single dollar or more if you are willing to give with all proceeds going to benefit the cause. The benefit to you is that you get Alligator Indian’s take on the TOP GIRLS single Truth which is a screeching beat filled excursion into a psychedelic jungle of sound filled with auditory animals ready to pounce.

TOP GIRLS returns the favor by reworking Telepathic Boys and filling it with crash boom bang percussion in support of a strong vocal line that breaks to give you a small rest before pounding your ears again and closes on a drifting calm sound.

If you are a fan of either artist or simply want to chip in and help support a great cause head over to the Alligator Indian Bandcamp now and grab them both for yourself.

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