We were always a little bit flirty. Even when the question of the two of us being a couple wasn’t even being considered I was drawn to you. Your tastes and humor kept me wondering what else might lay behind those eyes. I would think about you even when you had no idea that I was watching or at least I thought you had no idea. Perhaps you were always thinking about me too and what it might be like to be beside me. It took longer than we both expected to get here in this place where we can build our two halves into one whole. Two hearts aligning from miles apart only to be pressed together in the middle of the night as we stare deep into each others eyes. The music is playing softly in the background and I’m just here thinking about you and I know that you’ve known that I am.

RA CAILUM is back with a syrupy bass drum driven slide to the smooth side with his latest single I Know That You’ve Known. Hopefully you have been paying attention to this guy after reading my first post about him and his Souvenir EP. Since then he has released Walkabout, Infinite Value, Bite Marks, and has teamed up with Guerre for a split album titled Call and Response for Absent Fever. He also put out a very solid mixtape for Forty-Ounce Clothing that you hopefully didn’t miss out on hearing. His latest effort is a relaxed RnB infused slow burner with machine gun cymbal sounds, a warped vocal line, and light tapping percussion. The beat hits hard underneath while synth rises out from the background and ties the package all together. Just have a listen to it here and start waiting patiently for his next bound to be stellar release when it comes.

RA CAILUM – I Know That You’ve Known

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