I’m not sure how it happened exactly. Somehow everyone just decided to give in and live. We stopped spending all of our time pissing away every dollar we made and wasting ever minute that we had to live working. Of course society collapsed and for a while we had to band together to take those that would ruin our calm down. Eventually though we managed to establish and then toss away our control. Some of us of course would begin to starve once the food ran out and each generation lived fewer years than we did when we had proper medicine and all of that over processed food and drink. I don’t think anyone really paid that any attention though as we were all able to actually live and enjoy the time that we had for those few decades that we were alive. Small groups of us would come together and roam the mountains and forests just taking in all that we were given. Every one of us was relaxed and calm enjoying each other and this melo nation.

It was a lucky random stumble that led me to this recent single Melo Nation from Knoxville’s purveyor of psychedelic pop Nomadic Firs. There is also a nice little collection of others up on his Soundcloud and there seems to be both an EP and LP in the works for the near future. As far as Melo Nation goes it is built on a guitar and drum intro that opens up into a lazy eyed vocal with backing vocals being provided by Ann Miller. At about the two-minute mark it goes even further into the haze before rebuilding itself piece by piece into that relaxed subtle groove. After hearing both this and the handful of other singles I would have to say that I am pretty excited to see what all he has come up with by the time the LP releases next year. Give a listen to Melo Nation here then head on over to the Soundcloud for more and I am sure you will be happy with what you find.

Nomadic Firs – Melo Nation

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