For as long as I can remember I have had my bare feet pressed against this length of suede. Day after day I wake up and am given my ride to the gym by my mother and manager to begin my stretches. Then I will head out onto that mat-covered floor and pull myself up onto both my best friend and my worst enemy. My legs wobbled in the beginning and I wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to get the hang of this sport. As I continued to come in and practice while aging I found that I was capable of things most people would never even attempt much less master. Now I dance, leap and my legs split like a pair of scissors in the air before I land gracefully and present myself to the judges. I will then spin slowly with one leg extended outward and quickly flip my body twice before jumping into the air in a tucked roll. After I feel the balls of my feet land on that mat my arms will lift while my chest pushes forward to take in the roar of the crowd and at last I will feel that balance.

With a classic bass line throbbing behind glorious synths Balance brings the three men of Baltimore’s Future Islands to new heights. From the moment Samuel T. Herring lets his voice belt out you will be hooked and riveted. Nostalgia is imminent as you fall into the bass groove and those riveting synth melodies reminding you of artists that have come before repackaged and presented in a nature that gives it a rebirth. I can’t even believe that allowed myself this much time to sit on my laurels and not share this slice of pure pop bliss. Just give the single from their upcoming album On The Water to be released on Thrill Jockey in October a listen or ten here and I think you will agree that this style can still be updated, enjoyed, and embraced by an entire new generation of music listeners as well as those from generations gone by.

Future Islands – Balance

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