We have shared everything including our blood for the most part of twenty-eight years and now we are apart and growing up on our own. Each of us is finding our place and our own other halves in two parts of the country. We used share our tastes in toys and video games and grew to teach other about film, history, science and music. We both played the drums and rode skateboards and you always were the better half. While you may have been inspired by the things I found first you always managed to take them further and show me what could be done if our minds were put to something. After our father died we took strength in one another and started to find out just how grown up we had become. I miss you, I love you, I wish nothing but the best for you because I could never ask for a better brother.

School Knights came to me first through a rollicking rock n roll ride called Prom Queen and the pair are back with an all new full length album that is brought to you by the fine folks at DRACULA HORSE. The eleven track album is a loud boisterous bash of rock that is filled with newly mastered versions of the early tracks as well as a whole slew of brand new sound for your ears. The pair of Zack Roif and Weed Diamond’s Michael Stein have been busy playing with the likes of Ty Segall, Black Lips, and Gauntlet Hair but after hearing this debut I think now is their time to step into the spotlight. There sound is loud, fun, and energetic with slashing guitars and wild drumming creating a spiral of sound around their vocals as you tell from this small sample of the album titled Brother. Head over to their Bandcamp and show them a little love by purchasing ALL DAWGZ GO 2 HEAVEN for a fiver if you are into the sound or give it a free test drive first through DRACULA HORSE then return once you get nice and settled in.

School Knights – Brother

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