I am growing sick of the same old sounds coming from my radio. Twenty eight year old women pretend to be sixteen and have about an equal amount to say over a thumping watered down techno or dubstep beat. Beer soaked washed up rockers still make your drunken mother and her biker boyfriend take a road trip out to the nearest city to re-live a youth lost. Two producers process the same old bass drums and machine gun snares that you have already heard a countless amount of times ever since N.W.A. came straight out of Compton while some small vocabulary about sex and drugs is recycled yet again. One in a hundred of these stations might lead you to a single song that is great for five plays then dead by the end of the week once you have heard it spin a thousand times. Just once I would like to get into the car and roll the windows down while I spin that dial to station after station blaring a new beat.

It’s been a long time since I left you with another dope beat to step to from the Dilla inspired brilliant beat making mind of Star Slinger and that is never no fault of his own. Track after track and remix after remix he never fails to leave a sugar sweet taste on your lips with his reworks and this latest mix for Toro Y Moi’s New Beat proves just that. Coming quickly after a fresh mix of the latest Caged Animals track Teflon Heart his take on New Beat is built on a bouncy bass drum riddim straight from Kingston. Dub horns play and lift the spirits over a speeding cymbal and rattling percussion section. The vocal is inserted perfectly giving this track from early in the year a new breath that is ready for a dance floor near you. Hear both of these quality remixes now via his Soundcloud along with quite a few other remixes he has had his hand on in recent months and get out there and catch him live on August 28th when he plays Creamfields in Manchester.

Toro Y Moi – New Beat (Star Slinger Dancehall Remix)

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