We all knew that he was dirty. The paper trail was starting to form with various unmarked brown envelopes turning up around the office. His toadies were on the streets while we were hard at work protecting those that couldn’t protect themselves. In dark alleys and store back rooms all over the city the hand offs were happening. Trunks that would never be searched were waiting in garages and being filled with powder or cash. The fact was we had no choice but to keep our mouth shut and keep doing what we could to keep things clean. One small misstep and it could mean you don’t get to feed your wife and kids or even worse you found yourself with a few new holes in your body and floating in the river. With my head held low I went out to my squad car and hit the beat as hard as I could just to keep my mind off the payoffs going to the kommissar.

I already have Brandon Biondo’s Walsh project to thank for introducing me to Squadda B and Main Attraktionz and now I have him to thank for his latest EP Don’t Want 2 Fall In Luv. This time the special guest on the EP is Persona La Ave who makes an appearance on two marvelous tracks filled with rough edged yet beautiful synths dancing over solid steady beats that even verge into a hip-hop like groove on Somebody. He has an ability to really push the rugged rough almost industrial sounding electronics and meld them into catchy hypnotic melodies that are both party rockin or perfectly set for headphone relaxation. Even a small bit of Dub shows its face in the track Highwalker with its echo chamber percussion and reggae guitar riff. Have a listen to Kommissar which features Persona La Ave here then head over to DRACULA HORSE to download the full EP.

Walsh – Kommissar (featuring Persona La Ave)

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