In the winter you were the one keeping me warm. Your kind words and your voice filling my insides with a heat I had never known. The blood rushed through my veins through those snow filled months warming a previously lifeless heart that had grown as cold as the weather that surrounded us both. During the spring our love continued to bloom like the many plants and flowers where you lived and the cactus and wildflowers spread around my desert home. Late night conversations continued to draw the two of us together as we made plans to travel and meet up. After two weeks of getting to know what each other would be like face to face I was ready to make the jump in. I packed away my things and boarded that plane excited to finally spend a life time with the summer you.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the work of Yung Life ever since hearing Patient Love last summer and the new album Youth’s Hours was another triumph from them as well that was not to be missed. In saying that, I was excited to see that Gabriel White (one half of the duo) was also recording an upcoming EP on his own under his own name and lead me to a listen. The songs on the EP will focus on the simplicity of summer loves and all of the delicate nature that goes with them. Currently you can preview two of the songs from the EP through his Soundcloud and I urge you to do so as you will like me be anxiously awaiting the release of the full EP. Today’s featured track Summer You with its steady drum pounding and strummed guitars is paired up there with another single from the EP titled in la vela. Have a listen here and head over there to give a listen to both soon.

Gabriel White – Summer You

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