I was having a terrible dream last night. All around me the temple was crumbling and I was forced to swim through a flood in search of the gems that had caused this mess. Columns had begun to spring tiny cracks that filled with the rushing water and parted in a creep all around me. These vast chambers had always been the only home that I had ever known. My only connection to the surface came from the older members of our group who had seen the passing ships while out finding food and all around our floating home you could only see the many miles of rippling blue water. With very little time to waste I swam along the ocean floor collecting pieces of our greatest treasure in hope that I would have time before my world came crumbling down around me. Our temple was sinking and all of the fish had already started to evacuate as I dug through the sand attempting to collect and replace those gems before the sea crown destroyed us all. Just as I placed the last gem into its slot I awoke choking on my own breath.

Selva Oscura who I posted about when his AS/IS/WAS EP was released on Chill Mega Chill is back with a rough cut preview version of a track from an upcoming EP scheduled for the fall. Sea Crown is a wispy ride over a calm blue ocean of sound with a stuttered sample and rippling background. Its steady thump quickly penetrates its way into your ears and the light textured elements are perfect for a relaxing headphone listening. As I allowed it to twinkle and groove I realized just how much of a large sound he was able to create with a fairly minimal number of elements that shift and twist in all of the right places to make for a very enjoyable five-minute auditory excursion. The song plays out light and airy but still has plenty of thump for a morning run or workout and it makes for an exciting preview of sounds to come. Give it a listen here then head over to his Soundcloud for a free download to hold you over until the final version is done for the release of the upcoming EP.

Selva Oscura – Sea Crown

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