A personal past time page about the music that I enjoy based in Springfield Ohio. If you dig it too keep reading and I’ll keep adding something to read, listen to, or download when the option is offered. There really isn’t any one genre or preference that wins out overall. As I have no affiliation with any one music scene or journalistic outlet you can expect a non professional find out what I can type of approach to the entries.

This is just a collection of things that I find interesting at any given moment and I hope it is more like a conversation about music and a “hey I just heard this” “Oh wow that is awesome” approach to promoting artists and songs that I find entertaining. All submissions will be listened to asap as I am only one little dude with a full time job. Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying the blog.

Nik from GPBP

If you would like to submit something for me to have a listen to or are an artist/label/mgmt. that wants something removed please contact me at goodpopbadpop@gmail.com and I will do so right away.