Romance is a thing meant only for the spring, or at least that was what I have always been taught. New growth in nature spawning growth in ourselves and our want to reach out to another. It seems that this is always the build up period to that hot steamy summer affair. I have to wonder why the same doesn’t happen as often during a winter holiday where we spend our evenings wishing for a warm body to lay against in defense against the weather. It seems that would be the better cure for the cold when placed against cocoa or a loveless dying flame.

I had a chance to finally sit down with an email from Sasha of Curd Lake who sent me information about their latest two track release Winter Holidays. Album opener Whool Trees channels the feeling of being cold and alone perfectly through an echoing thick haze. Classic older guitar sections meld with modern electronic percussive elements in an interesting mix that has me very interested in what may come. The second track begins with a strong pop melody and lays the same sort of vocal styling over the top. Looking forward to hearing more from this group as I rarely hear much about the Russian Federation’s music scene in general. Check out Whool Trees here then head over to their Bandcamp to hear Wake Me Up With Your Morning Call and purchase the two tracks.

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